Trim Free Borders® is a revolutionary product that frees up valuable time & money with the constant trimming of your lawn, making it a perfect addition to any hardscape, building, fence, landscape, or posts.

Mowing along trim free borders

Mow your lawn and be done

No more trimming or edging

No more trimming

NTB6 along a house

"We had problems with weeds and over grown grass at our house around the basement window wells and air conditioner. We heard about Trim Free Borders and had it put down, now it easier to control the over growth, because we can get closer with the mower."

Mary Ann M

Our Products
Mow over Trim Free border along buildings

Northern Turf Border 

Northern Turf Border under a fence

Specialty Pieces

Downspout grass pad

Downspout Grass Pad

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