The owners of Trim Free Boders: Eugene, Sara, Kevin
About Us

The Lawn Specialist You Can Depend On

Eugene, Sara and Kevin Moster, owners and operators of Moster Turf in Brookville, IN, have served the tri-state area proudly for over 30 years. We are a family owned business that has primarily been focused on sod and sod installation. Over the years, we recognized a consistent issue with our clients yards. Most people are frustrated with the constant trimming, bare ground, erosion and overgrowth of weeds along walls, patios, landscape areas, underneath air conditioners and under fences. Our team decided to get to work to solve this plaguing problem, and Trim Free Borders® was developed. Trim Free Borders® is a specially designed, artificial turf solution that coincides with your natural turf. This easy-to-install product comes in a variety of widths and lengths and solves those ugly turf grass border problems. It’s also designed and manufactured in the USA! Take a look at the product information to see how Trim Free Borders can help you maintain lush manicured grass without all the hassle for years to come.

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