How to install Downspout GrassPad

How to Install GrassPad

Step 1

Remove turf

Place Grass Pad in the center of your down spout and butting up to the foundation. (If Trim Free Borders® is installed, place edge of grass pad just till it butts up to Trim Free Boarders™.) Using the spade cut the perimeter around pad.


Step 2

Level the ground

Remove the existing turf using a flat spade. If a hole is formed, remove some of the dirt underneath the sod to fill the hole then smooth the dirt again. Make sure there is a slope away from your foundation. Insure there is a 0.25” below ground surface for pad to be inserted.


Step 3

Install Trim Free Borders

Install Grass Pad. Install Grass Pad as close to the foundation as possible. If you already own Trim Free Borders®, then press it up against existing border.


Step 4

Staple Trim Free Borders

Hammer three staples along the long side of Grass Pad and into the ground.