How to install Trim Free Borders™

Installation Guide

Step 1


Using a tape measure, measure 6, 9, or 12 inches depending on your Trim Free Borders® width and paint a line using turf paint.

Step 2

Remove Turf

Once you have painted the line you are ready to remove the turf. Using a sod lift or a flat spade, cut along the painted line.
Make sure there are no electrical or other obstacles prior to cutting out the sod . Remove 0.25 of an inch of the existing turf along the entire border line. If a hole is formed, remove some of the dirt underneath the sod to fill the hole and smooth out the dirt again.

Cut the width of the sod using a Spade or a Sod Lift.

Using a Spade or Sod lift, cut turf roots.

Step 3

Level the ground

Create an even 0.25 of an inch cut out of turf across the entire plane of the border surface area. Make sure there is a slope away from your foundation to insure water runoff.

Smooth the soil using hands or a small hoe

What the soil should look like after smoothed.

Step 4

Install Trim Free Borders

Lay Trim Free Borders® over the prepared area and insure it is tightly against existing landscapes or buildings.
(Note: The fibers can be either a lighter look or darker look depending on which way the fibers is leaning. Ensure all pieces are installed in the same direction.)

Step 5 (For Curved Areas Only)

Cutting along curved areas

If Trim Free Borders® is along landscape and there are curves, an additional step is required to ensure a beautiful border. Place Trim Free Borders® along curve and cut out any folds. (Note: Be cautious of where you place your hand and use proper cutting techniques.) This will cause a "pie" shape cut out of the border. Lay the flaps together until backing is touching each other.

Step 6

Staple Trim Free Borders®

Hammer the first two nails/staples in one end of the long run of the border. Nailing/stapling one along the border edge and one along the grass edge. Smooth the border away from the nails/staples to create a flat appearance.

Along Straight Edges: Hammer the nails/staples every 3’ along the border edge and along the grass edge. Repeat till border is nailed/stapled down. To insure grass line is secure, add an addition nail/staple between the nails/staples to create nail down points every 1 ½ feet.

Along Cut Edges: Nail/staple at least one nail/staple at the base of the cut and with additional nails/staples secure flap down to create a smooth appearance.

Depending on the location of the border (example: curves or straight installations) will determine the number nails/staples required.


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