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How to install downspout grasspad

July 18, 2016

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How to install downspout grasspad

July 18, 2016

Tools Require

- Hammer

-Flat Spade


Step 1

Place Grass Pad in the center of your downspout and butting up to the foundation. (If Trim Free Borders is installed, place edge of grass pad just till it butts up to Trim Free Borders.) Using the spade cut the perimeter around pad. 

Step 2

Remove the existing turf using the flat spade; if a hole is formed you can remove some of the dirt underneath the sod to fill the hole and smooth the dirt again. Make sure there is a slope away from your foundation. Insure there is a 0.25” below ground surface.


Step 3
Install Grass Pad as close to the foundation as possible. If you already own Trim Free Borders, then butt it up against edge.


Step 4

Hammer 3 staples on long sides of Grass Pad into the ground.



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